Author: Taras Kuzio

Two sets of volunteers have been crucial in the battle to defeat Vladimir Putin’s imperialism in eastern Ukraine. The first has been Ukrainian patriots who joined volunteer battalions. The second – just as important – has been the civilian volunteers throughout Ukraine who have supplied food, fresh water, uniforms, medical supplies, showers and washing facilities, and camouflage netting. I have visited civilians – primarily women – collecting, producing, cooking and supplying these products based in southern and eastern Ukraine and in Kyiv. One of the most incredible volunteers we met on a recent trip was a pensioner from Ivano-Frankivsk known…

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This week Ukraine celebrates the first anniversary of the Euro-Maidan revolution that toppled kleptocratic President Viktor Yanukovych and when Ukrainians became the first Europeans to die under the European Union (EU) flag. In the same week the second peace agreement signed in Minsk on February 12 collapsed for the same reasons as the first Minsk...

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